Puppy Training1 - 6 sessions:

Learn the basics of bringing a puppy into your home.  This includes crate training, housebreaking, feeding/diet, how to handle puppy behavior such as chewing, mouthing, nuisance barking, jumping and some foundational obedience. 




On-leash Program (5 months & older)6 sessions:

Basic understanding of leash mechanics, how to correctly communicate with your dog using a leash, basic obedience commands including heel, sit, stay, down, and recall/"come".


Off-leash Program – (5 months & older) - 10 sessions:

Imagine the freedom you and your dog can experience to run, play, hike, etc. without a leash, confidently knowing all commands will be adhered to regardless of setting or distraction.  You can expect to gain this control for basic commands such as heel, sit, stay, down, recall/”come,” and “place.”  Behavior modification is addressed as needed.



Board and Train Boot Camp (limited basis)

Our 3 – 4 week board and train program offers structured daily routine where the dog will be solidly trained off-leash and proofed under extensive distraction to ensure control in daily life scenarios.  Commands such as heel, sit, stay, down, recall/”come” and “place” will be mastered.  Upon completion of the program owner/handler will be offered up to 3 1-hour training sessions in order to understand how to confidently communicate with and handle their newly trained dog.


Certified AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program and Canine Good Citizen (CGCA and CGCU) Evaluator.  Contact us for further information!