Living with your canine companion should be a joyful and stress-free experience. Training begins the moment a dog comes into your home.  The simplest of tasks require simple routine and direction.  Training will happen even if you aren’t aware of it.  Either you are training your dog or your dog is training you!  We believe that there should be no excuses in dog training.  You should be your dog’s confident leader. Forging a happy, confident, and enjoyable relationship between you and your dog in all situations inside and outside of the home is our goal.  Creating a consistent line of communication and consistency adhering to this process are the keys to success.  A happy pet is confident, obedient, sound in all situations, and stress-free to live with.


Our belief is there is no substitute for experience.  Working with many different dogs from all walks of life teaches a trainer more than any certification class can.  The true expertise comes from putting one’s hands on the leash and doing the work with each dog.  We continue to help clients communicate better with their canine companions through obedience training and simple understanding of dog behavior.  This means simple modification of behaviors for both human and canine.

 Have a happy pet!